fiction - drama - 2k - 5.1 - 90 min. - 2021

    a production of LPP Living Pictures Production and about:film in cooperation with Rainy Pictures. financed by Kuratorium junger deutscher Film.

    Script & Director Behrooz Karamizade Co-Writer Antonia Berner Dramaturgy Gabriele Brunnenmeyer DOP Thomas Mauch Production Living Pictures Production about:film Rainy Pictures Producer Jörn Möllenkamp Markus Kaatsch Majid Barzegar Casting Susanne Ritter Art Direction Shahram Karimi Post Production ACHT Frankfurt GmbH Editor Giorgi Abashishvilli

    Living Pictures Production GbR
    Wilhelmshöhe Allee 106
    34119 Kassel, Germany

    about:film e.k.
    Markus Kaatsch
    Riemannstr. 21
    10961 Berlin, Germany

    MEHDI, an old Iranian living in exile, fled to Germany 30 years ago with his son REZA. But at the end of his life, his longing for his homeland catches up with him again. He decides to move back to Iran. MEHDI ignores his son REZA, who has built up a life in Germany.