Animation - Experimental - 4K - 5.1 - 12 min - 2019

    A production of Philipp Artus and about:film. Financed by Kuratorium junger deutscher Film and German Federal Film Board (FFA).

    Boat UFO whale whirlwind ocean octopus

    Director, Writer, Animation, Producer, Editor, Sound Design, Foleys and Mix Philipp Artus Executive Producer Markus Kaatsch Laser Animation Jakob Penca

    Director, Writer and Producer
    Philipp Artus
    KAOS Atelier
    Wilhelminenhofstr. 92
    12459 Berlin, Germany

    Executive Production
    about:film e.K.
    Markus Kaatsch
    Riemannstr. 21
    10961 Berlin, Germany

    Ocean Twist is an experimental animated film with a single sequence shot. It is set in the ocean where different sea creatures meet. The viewer immerses in a dreamlike narration. Swirling motions meet meditative peace. The film revolves around the legends, creatures and myths of the sea. It deals with the force of nature, supernatural powers and our fascination for the rush of the water surface, the deep dark depth and the mysterious and unexplored. The filigree drawings will be generated by laser light. At first, the creatures and characters will be computer animated and then each image will be projected and photographed with a laser. Therefore the digital look becomes an analogous touch.