actual in script development - fiction - dramedy - 2k - 5.1 - 90 min. - 2021

    a production of about:film. Financed by Kuratorium Junger deutscher Film and BKM - Beauftragte für Kultur und Medien (German Ministry of Culture).

    Script Sabina Gröner Production about:film Producer Markus Kaatsch

    about:film e.k.
    markus Kaatsch
    riemannstr. 21
    10961 Berlin, Germany

    As far as she can remember, the outsider ERNI (11) dreams of going on vacation - like all the other children from her suburban neighborhood. Preferably to the sea! But because her parents are busy working 24/7 for their unprofitable small business, Erni has to come up with something all by herself. But of all people it is mean JULIAN (12), – the biggest rebel of the neighborhood and the boy Erni fears the most – who seems to be the only shot to go on holidays.
    Because he bragged about going to the Maldives this year – and Erni wants to go, too, come what may. In order to fulfill her dream, Erni has to pluck up her courage to come closer to Julian. Even though both Erni and Julian will not have been to the sea in the end, they will have experienced together the most beautiful summer of all time.