fiction - comedy - 2k - 5.1 - 90 min. - 2021

    a production of about:film in co-production with Zeitgeist Filmproduktion, Larry Cooper. financed by beauftragten für kultur und Medien (bkm, German Ministry of Culture), German Federal Film board (ffa) and zdf - das kleine fernsehspiel.

    Director & Co-Producer Laura Lehmus Script Ruth Toma DOP Max Preiss Production about:film Zeitgeist Filmproduktion und Larry Cooper Producer Markus Kaatsch MANAGING EDITOR ZDF - DAS KLEINE FERNSEHSPIEL christian cloos

    about:film e.k.
    Markus Kaatsch
    Riemannstr. 21
    10961 Berlin, Germany

    Director & Co-Production
    Larry Cooper
    Laura Lehmus
    Turiner Str. 20
    13347 Berlin, Germany

    A late-in-the-game pregnancy and the sudden ending of a relationship are not really a catastrophe each on their own. But combine the two and it is like throwing fire accelerant on charcoal.